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Add:Wuxi new Hong Shan (home) Da Xin Cun Jin Road No. 39
Manager:Mr Yu 13806181888
Tel:0510-85630950 85634727 
        Company is located in Jiangsu Wuxi the beautiful Taihu Lake Wuxi Liyu aluminium alloy casting, from the 312 National Road, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Wuxi airport is only 5 kilometers away. Downtown, be close by. Train station, traffic is very convenient. Known as Yumizhixiang known as Wuxi has always been a person with breadth of vision to the cause of development, make friends. Jianghaimingzhu enchanting scenery, four seasons climate is the tourism, leisure, entertainment, the best way. The company was founded in the early ninety century, Wuxi area is the professional production of aluminum casting products of the leading enterprises, high pressure casting, low pressure die casting, gravity casting and low pressure casting sand shape as a whole. Advanced technology and production processes have been through Beijing. Ngwe Certification Center for quality system certification. The products in line with international standards. Our company always follows the quality first, reputation-based "business philosophy, dedicated to new and old friends to expand business dedication of our enthusiasm. Welcome friends both at home and abroad to invest in cooperation..

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